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A Leader in Electronic Security Control Systems

“Just doing business with Creative Technologies is a benefit. I’ve always appreciated the professionalism of the Creative Technologies Team, whether it’s from the owners to the technical support or even the folks helping to install the system. We’ve worked with Creative Technologies for fourteen years, and it’s always been a pleasant experience and working relationship.”
    Major Chris Hudson
    Sheriff’s Department
    Laurens County, SC

“We have been working with Creative Technologies for seven years now. We have gone through several expansions to our facility, and during those expansions there was never a consideration to change our electronic security controls to any other company. We are extremely satisfied with what we have and how it is working.”
    Tom McLachlan
    Iowa Medical Classification Center

Creative Technologies has been manufacturing electronic security control systems for over 20 years. Recently, we branded our systems “Secured State”. Secured State allows hundreds or thousands of peripheral control and monitoring devices, such as closed circuit TV, intercoms, alarms, and doors to operate and integrate from a touchscreen.

We’re team players who collaborate with owners, designers, and installers. As a company, we’re unique within the corrections industry. Secured State is the only product we manufacture, and the corrections industry is the only market we serve. A twenty-year history of being in business translates into a well-developed, high-performing product that is uniquely positioned to solve most of the problems so typical of the industry. 

User-Friendly Control and Monitoring Systems 

We admit to being fanatics about producing the most user-friendly, cost-effective product of its kind. Owning a Secured State system is a notably different experience. Our manufacturing platform enables us to apply best practices and standards to create a predictable world-class experience at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Investigate Secured State. Across the board, we’re confident you won’t find a more stable, feature rich, user-friendly, and cost-effective alternative. The experience of owning and operating a Secured State system is so highly aligned with the owner’s best interest that you’ll wonder where Secured State was all along.

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