Kane County Adult Justice Center Kane County, IL


"The greatest benefit that we have had with the system is how easy it is to learn and operate, it really is very operator friendly."

     Corey Hunger

     Kane County Sheriffs Department

"Their submittals are legendary in their comprehensiveness. The turn-around time for technical inquiries or quotes has been tremendous. Their service after the sale is unparalleled. In the rough and tumble, ever-changing landscape of security electronics, you owe it to your clients and to yourself to work with the best. In my experience, Creative Technologies has no equal.”

     Hugh D. Lester


More Information:

System Overview:

15 Touchscreens, 12 PDAs, 1 Admin/Logging Station, 4 PLCs

Description of System: 

  • Door Control and Monitoring
  • PLC based Intercom and Paging
  • Utility Control
  • Takeover and Control Transfer
  • Data Logging and Reporting
  • CCTV Interface
  • Card Access Interface
  • Administration Software
  • Electronic Documentation System


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