Johnson Detention Center Laurens, SC


"When we upgraded we were able to keep our 13 year old Creative hardware and put in the new touchscreens. That saved us tens of thousands of dollars just to be able to reuse our existing hardware. "

     Major Chris Hudson

     Sheriff’s Department, Laurens County, SC

"Creative is willing to devote resources towards the development of their product.  They're not interested in just a quick integration or a quick fix.  When they sign onto something they do the full development."

     Ken Gibbs, Principal

     DA Architects

More Information:

System Overview:

3 Touchscreens, 1 Admin/Logging station, 1 PLC

Description of System: 

  • Door Control and Monitoring
  • PLC based Intercom and Paging
  • Utility Control
  • Takeover and Control Transfer
  • Data Logging and Reporting
  • CCTV Interface
  • Administration Software
  • Electronic Documentation System


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