DuPage County Jail – JOF Upgrade Wheaton, IL


"The documentation tools are the greatest benefit to us. Having the ability to go to the computer and find out what I need know. I print it, I can fix it… That’s one of the best things. You don’t have to keep going through books. The documentation software has all the subsystem and field device information integrated into the system.”

     Scott Ottermann

     Facilities Manager, DuPage County, IL

More Information:

System Overview:

3 Touchscreens, 1 Admin/Logging station, 8 PLCs

Description of System: 

  • Door Control and Monitoring
  • PLC based Intercom & Paging
  • CCTV Interface – Camera call-up and VFA is user configurable
  • Takeover and control transfer
  • Data Logging & Reporting
  • Administration Software
  • Electronic Documentation System


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