DuPage County Jail A Wheaton, IL


"The system is extremely user friendly. I see new deputies who don’t know anything about our building working in central control, and within a half hour they’re left alone in there. Operators are able to pick up on the system very quickly."

     Scott Ottermann

     Facilities Manager, DuPage County, Illinois

More Information:

System Overview:

18 Touchscreens, 13 PLCs (Interface to existing 2 Touchscreens, 1 Admin/Logging station, 2 PLCs in Jail B)

Description of System: 

  • Door Control and Monitoring
  • PLC based Intercom and Paging
  • Utility Control
  • Takeover and Control Transfer
  • Data Logging and Reporting
  • CCTV Interface
  • Card Access Interface
  • Watchtour Interface
  • Administration Software
  • Electronic Documentation System

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