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Security Consultants Choose Secured State

“My greatest frustration is that integrators over-promise and under-deliver. By comparison, Creative Technologies delivers on every promise. It starts with your project submittals that are very detailed and accurate. They’re complete the first time, that’s probably the best way to summarize. The submittal CD is very helpful. I put that in the customer’s hands and they love it. They know exactly what they’re buying.”
    Ken Gibbs
    DA Architects

When you write a set of specifications for an electronic security control system, every integrator interprets and conforms to it with differing methods and standards of performance. This variability at installation can reflect positively or negatively upon your design work and relationships.

Secured State was built for sustainability. It is the most predictably performing, feature rich, and perfected product in the electronic security controls systems industry, period. With Secured State as the specification, your design is never in doubt.

Right from the Start, you’ll love the documentation software. Your client submittals and reviews will go from flipping binder pages and drawings to electronically panning floor plans and pinpointing details on your laptop. You’ll save time, more readily verify designs, and increase your productivity to focus on the project, not searching for the details.

Easiest to Use Electronic Security Control System

Best of all, Secured State eliminates concerns about using non-proprietary touchscreen software. In fact, this product raises the standards on performance by providing administrative tools that free the owner to make security and operation changes.

Secured State is truly a better solution across the board. Investigate every facet of Secured State. Contact us or book an online demonstration today.