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Planning an Electronic Control System

“We’ve worked with other control companies in our facilities and Creative has always been the best one to work with. That’s my opinion and everyone else’s opinion here, too.  I know everyone’s happy.”
    Scott Otterman
    Facilities Manager
    DuPage County

“Their submittals are legendary in their comprehensiveness. The turn-around time for technical inquiries or quotes has been tremendous. Their service after the sale is unparalleled. In the rough and tumble, ever-changing landscape of security electronics, you owe it to your clients and to yourself to work with the best. In my experience, Creative Technologies has no equal.”
    Hugh D. Lester

Electronic security control systems are not commodities. From the owner’s perspective, it can’t be “any old system that is specified will do." Of the many decisions involved in planning a new facility or replacing an antiquated system, this is one of the most important you will make.

“I have very much enjoyed working with all the employees at Creative. They have always responded to any concern I have had in a very professional yet personal way.”

“I like the long-term benefits of the design using the non-proprietary products. The product is not a “me too” which everyone seems to be selling today — same products just a different wrapper in Wonder Ware. It’s reliable, and with its easy one map display and locate button, it takes a lot of complicated subsystems and makes it KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) to operate. The documentation software gives the owner all the detailed maintenance and engineering information they will ever need. I have no problem recommending this product to anyone.”

“No question, the best of any manufacturer I have used.”
    Mark Coyle
    Correct Electronics (Consultants)

Putting the owner’s needs first inspired Creative Technologies to develop Secured State and the Right from the Start collaborative tools and process. Plans eventually become reality, and changes are inevitable. Planning for a system that provides flexibility, sustainability, easy administration, affordable re-configuration, and fast maintenance all serve the owner now and into the future.

Electronic security control systems are not created equal. Investigate Secured State and discover why it stands high above the rest.

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