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Secured State Lowers Maintenance Costs

“Creative Technologies is the most repairable system that we’ve found. It requires virtually no specialized field support; it makes it so that any electrician can go in there and replace components. The documentation Creative Technologies provides makes it so that anybody can work on the system.”
    Ken Gibbs
    DA Architects

“The greatest time and money saved has been in the reliability of the Creative Technologies system. It is hard to quantify the amount of savings, because with Creative Technologies we do not spend valuable time dealing with system issues.”
    Tom McLachlan
    Iowa Medical Classification Center

“With our old security control system, operations called our night maintenance support personnel 5 out of 7 days, and then I would get called once or twice a week. Since we installed the Creative Technologies system, I have not received one call at night.”
    Scott Otterman
    Facilities Manager
    DuPage County

Because of the core electronic control system’s excellent design, solid construction, accurate physical labeling, and incredible electronic documentation, troubleshooting and repair of field devices is as simple and direct as possible. If you maintain electronic security control systems, you will think to yourself, "This is the way it is supposed to be done!"

Documentation Makes Correctional Facility Security Systems Easy to Maintain

“The documentation tools are the greatest benefit to us. Having the ability to go to the computer and find out what I need know. I print it, I can fix it…  That’s one of the best things. You don’t have to keep going through books. The documentation software has all the subsystem and field device information integrated into the system.”
    Scott Otterman
    Facilities Manager
    DuPage County

The Secured State documentation software uses an intuitive, dynamic, graphical interface to locate system information. With this software, the user can navigate the documentation by selecting field device symbols on a floor plan graphic. Thanks to this powerful tool, the Chief Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, and Technician can all rapidly locate pertinent information.  With a tool this powerful, what could be simpler or faster?

Words do not fully describe the workmanship, engineering, and documentation that are the standards of a Secured State system. See for yourself by contacting us or booking an online demonstration today. Experience Secured State. Once you investigate Secured State, you’ll ask for it by name.