Recent Projects
Florence, AZ - Arizona State Prison Complex at Florence – Lethal Fence and Perimeter Wall Arizona State Prison Complex at Florence – Lethal Fence and Perimeter Wall Florence, AZ
Laurens, SC - Johnson Detention Center Johnson Detention Center Laurens, SC
Milan, IL - Milan Municipal Services Facility Milan Municipal Services Facility Milan, IL

Integrating and Installing a Correctional Facility Security System

“I rate the documentation tools as the greatest benefit of Creative. That said, I really appreciate the layout of the racks. They’re intuitive and very well thought out. It’s a bigger footprint than most; it’s solid and just flat out works.”
    Chet Koth
    Siemens Building Technology

A correctional facility’s electronic security control system represents a significant installation. Regardless of whether you are bidding or have been awarded a contract, please think of Secured State as the solution for your needs. Our proven product simplifies your work, reduces your risks, and allows you to sell the subsystems you are familiar with. Best of all, Secured State will put a smile on the owner’s face. 

A Turnkey Electronic Security Control System 

Secured State is a turnkey electronic security control system that includes detailed installation instructions and state-of-the-art performance. It also positions you with the owner to build a reputation and relationship for additional contracts and services within the facility. Every system is 100% assembled and tested prior to being shipped. Upon its arrival, you’ll find every part and piece meticulously labeled and thoroughly documented. You’ve never had it so easy.

Please see the FAQ section for questions about bidding and buying a Secured State system for your installation. Please investigate Secured State by contacting us or booking an online demonstration today.