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Administration of a Correctional Facility Security Control System

"The Administrative workstation that came as part of the Creative Technologies system is the greatest benefit. It includes all the documentation, the reporting, the ability to modify original operating parameters, and monitoring features."
    Tom McLachlan
    Iowa Medical Classification Center

"I have toured numerous jails, and this system is by far the best user-friendly system that I have seen."
    Corey Hunger
    Kane County

"We have been working with Creative for over a decade, and they keep giving us better tools for ongoing changes that we make. With the administration software as an example, we can add camera icons, change orientation, and move icons with basic computer skills. Camera changes are an ongoing thing, why should we have to hire a programmer?"
    Scott Otterman
Facilities Manager
    DuPage County

Correctional facility administration has one constant: Change. When the inevitable occurs, does your electronic security control system work for you or make you work for it? 

Reducing Administration Time of Correctional Facility Security Systems 

Traditional systems require computer programming to make basic system changes, but not with Secured State. Your team is highly empowered thanks to Secured State’s user-friendly Administration software. With basic Windows© skills, your team will quickly learn to configure and adapt Secured State to your ever-changing environment.

Gone is the lag time waiting for programmers to schedule your needs in their time. Gone is the added expense to locate and hire proven specialty programmers to make routine and specialized changes.

Here’s a small sample of self-managed changes within your power with Secured State:

  • Add operators and change passwords
  • Change timers: relay, pulse, open too long, IC duress, and more
  • Schedule & reschedule automatic door openings
  • Schedule & reschedule shunt times
  • Change icon labels and positions on the touchscreen
  • Add icons for CCTV cameras and monitors
  • Create video follow event (VFE) relationships

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