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Secured State: Specify It by Name

“Creative Technologies delivers several key benefits. Man hours saved is one — there’s not a lot of training needed. A new officer can run the system with minimal training versus the old system where it took days to learn it. There is a menu of reports readily available, for example, how many times a door opens or the delay time before a door opens.”
    Major Chris Hudson
    Sheriff’s Department
    Laurens County, SC

Planning and building, or rehabbing, a correctional facility is a sizable public works project. You rely heavily upon industry experts to create an electronic security control system that meets your needs. Right from the Start, let us be a part of your planning and design team.

Not all core electronic control systems are created equal. Please invest the time to assess the Secured State system, the Right from the Start collaboration process, and the Creative Technologies team approach. We’re confident you’ll appreciate the difference.

The electronic security control system is essential to a facility's operation. Cutting corners on that system is “penny wise and pound foolish." Please leverage the depth of our experience Right from the Start. We don’t just say we put the owner’s best interest first; we prove it with every system we manufacture. We’re team players who serve the architect and security consultant, so the owner’s goals and standards are alive in the day-to-day reality of their facility.

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