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“During more than a decade of providing design services from initial concept to post-occupancy evaluation, I have worked with hundreds of firms that provide products or services to the AEC industry. Creative Technologies has exceeded all of my expectations, provided a higher standard of care on a consistent and ongoing basis, and made me look better than any other firm with whom I work.”
    Hugh D. Lester

The State of the Art in Electronic Security Controls

When you need a reliable, proven, and cost-effective electronic security control system there’s just one action you have to take: Investigate Secured State.

You’ve never experienced operational performance, advancements, and ease of administration like this next generation control system. Secured State is robust with industry leading features such as panning graphics and amazingly detailed electronic documentation. Typical system induced headaches and hassles aren’t just solved; they’re virtually eliminated. Performance is so dramatically superior over static systems that you’ll wonder where Secured State was all along. It just plain works and keeps working for the life of the facility. It pays to use Secured State.

If you are in the process of planning, designing, bidding, or installing an electronic security control system in a correctional facility, then please investigate Secured State.

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